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Interstitial Therapy

Thermal ablation is a widely acknowledged minimally invasive therapeutic option for the treatment of neoplastic or hyperplastic nodules in liver, kidney, lung, bone, thyroid, pancreas, prostate and in many other anatomic districts: localized and controlled tissue heating induces cellular death, not requiring subsequent surgical resection.

Thermal ablation applicators are subtle needles or catheters (generally in the 1 to 2.5mm diameter range), suitable for percutaneous, endoscopic or intra-surgical use, assisted by X-ray or ultrasound image guidance.

Also inoperable patients, with severe co-morbidities are often amenable to thermal ablation, as it provides excellent safety and tolerability profiles, along with good local disease control rates. Thermal ablation may replace or support surgery, as well as combine with systemic therapies (such as chemotherapy) or local/loco-regional therapies (such as radiotherapy, alcoholization or embolization).
The gold standard radiofrequency ablation technology, based on the circulation of high frequency electric currents in the patient, has recently been flanked by the more powerful, fast and uniform tissue heating technique based on interstitial microwave antennas: microwaves achieve larger ablation zones, in shorter treatment times, with less sensitivity to “heat-sinks” such as blood vessels, biliary ducts and airways.

HS AMICA is the only available ablation system which has it all: both the precision of radiofrequency currents and the power of microwaves aboard one single apparatus, for allowing maximum treatment tailoring.

Amica GEN: 1 System 2 technologies MWA&RFA

Amica GEN

Microwave and/or Radiofrequency Generator



Applicators for microwave thermoablation


Radiofrequency electrodes for thermoablation