HS was founded in 1980 with the objective to promote and distribute throughout Italy new methods of minimally invasive interventional diagnostic technologies, introducing on the National market a new generation of echo-guided biopsy products.

During the years, HS has consolidated its leadership in Italy and worldwide markets of Interventional Radiology, Critical Care, interstitial therapy, minimally invasive surgery and today also in oncology.

Through the constant collaboration with qualified medical operators, and many research centers and important teaching universities, HS is dedicated daily to research and development of innovative products to guarantee less trauma and the most quality of life to the patient.
The careful choice of materials and high quality standards of manufacturing process, and the dedication of our R&D staff for engineering and production, represent our constant dedication to assure the most precious good: Health.

Our biggest concern is pain and suffering, and with this in mind our products come to life, like the HS “TrapSystem” bone marrow biopsy needle with its innovative non deflection technique, the Interstitial thermoablation Microwave system HS AMICA and the “CIP” disposable portable drug infusion system for in home therapy.

The secret of our success is in conserving the original spirit that started the company: understanding and meeting the needs of doctors and patients always searching for the solution that makes the difference, convinced that dedication always brings good results.

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